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Aaron Crouch is proud!
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Bleacher Report
Be proud, Celtics.
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The Sport Buffet2 days ago
Michael Jordan scored 5,987 playoff points on 4,497 shots.

LeBron James has mow scored 5,995 playoff points on 4,379 shots.

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The Sport Buffet3 days ago
Player A: 33/6/6 while shooting 46/33/83
Player B: 34/6/5 while shooting 56/17/75

Player A - MJ's average playoff game
Player B - LeBron last night when he "had a bad game."
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The Sport Buffet7 days ago
Could it be that the real reason Tom Brady destroyed his phone during #Deflategate was because it contained injury hiding info?
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The Sport Buffet1 week ago
@WhitlockJason Touting that Cleveland's path was so much easier than Golden State's path isn't quite correct.

1st Round
Indiana had a 1-game better record than Portland and they were 1-1 against each other.

2nd Round
Utah and Toronto had the exact same record and Toronto swept the regular season series.

3rd Round
San Antonio was 8 games better than Boston, but without Kawhi Leonard, they may not be.

Either way, the paths are about equal through the first two rounds. The West being better in general only matters if you play those teams. Now, San Antonio has had a much tougher path, but that's another story.
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The Sport Buffet2 weeks ago
NBA Playoff games involving the Washington Wizards
Home teams are 10-1

All other NBA 2017 Playoffs games
Home teams are 24-28