Quick Take: Ohio State

I don’t believe this was foreseen, even as late as the JT Barrett injury. Nevertheless, if this teaches us nothing else, it teaches us that a college football playoff is a good thing. As recently as last year, Ohio State would not have made it. In fact, had the same formula as last year been used, Baylor might have gotten the fourth spot.

Unfortunately for those that were not given a chance to prove it on the field, just know that we (as college football experts) know nothing. We said the SEC West was far and away the best division in the history of college football. The bowls told a different story. We thought the Big 10 was down. The bowls tell a different story. This is the very reason that a playoff is necessary. Without a playoff it is all just a bunch of people sitting in a room guessing as to whose better.

The improvement that is necessary is to allow a few more teams a chance. Nothing huge, but it is possible that the best two teams in the country were TCU and Ohio State and every single voter in every single poll left out at least one of those two teams. Let’s tweak the system.

But lest we take away from the greatness that was Ohio State, let’s talk about how awesome they were. If you want to continue to call Jones a third string quarterback, that’s fine. But this Spring could be the best college competition since Jameis Winston, Jacob Coker, and Clint Trickett competed for the starting job. I’m guessing that (similar to that situation) at least one of them transfers before graduation, and my guess is Braxton Miller goes somewhere else next year.

So, no more college football until Labor Day Weekend. Can we wait?

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