In anticipation of UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira, the Sport Buffet recruited MMA blogger Shaun Stephens of Sports Talk Feed to give us his top 5 UFC fighters of all time. Enjoy! UFC_Title_Belt   Breaking down the top five of anything is always a daunting task. Having to narrow them down to put the best of the best in a category against each other does not help. I am going to give you my top five UFC fighters ever and the reason behind my decision. Mixed Martial Arts is a great sport and the UFC is the best promotion for this sport. The weight classes run from 115 (flyweight to 225-285 (heavyweight). Each weight class is completely unique in its own way. For instance; heavyweights are TKO’d or KO’d 49% of the time where as featherweights go to the decision 57% of the time ( With there being so many great fighters, I had to use a criteria to break down who was the best of the best. Criteria:

  1. Must have fought more than 12 wins in the octagon
  2. Won and defended the belt for at least 2 times
  3. Titles in 2 different weight classes

  With this criteria, it makes it harder to get into the top 5. For instance, Pat Miletich, whowas the first welterweight champion, only won 8 fights. Jose Aldo, who is undefeated in the UFC and has the featherweight belt ever since the UFC bought out the WEC has only 6 wins. Aldo is considered by many to be one of the top pound for pound fighters today. Without further adieu, I give you my top 5 UFC fighters ever. 5. Anderson Silva 94_anderson_silvalarge_image-1Anderson is one of the most incredible fighters we have ever seen in our lifetime. He has gone 13-2 at lightweight, and 3-0 in light heavyweight. His 16 straight wins, before his two recent losses against now champ Chris Weldman, is the most in UFC history. Silva is also 11-2 in UFC title fights with 10 straight titles defended. He is known for his intangible head movement and his fascinating striking. Although he may be on his downfall, we just witnessed a run in the UFC that may never be broken. 4. Matt Hughes

imagesHughes has always been a fan favorite. He is a farmer from the Mid-West and was the one of the strongest fighters ever. He was also a great wrestler. He only had 1 fight as a lightweight, his first, and the rest was a welterweight. He is considered one, if not the best, welterweights in the history of MMA. Matt has had 2 separate runs in the UFC, he had a run of 5 titles defended between 2001-2003 and 2 titles defended between 2004-2005. He is also 9-3 in title fights, where two of those losses come from George St. Pierre. 3. George St. Pierre downloadSt. Pierre is known for his athleticism and discipline. He is an extremely smart fighter who knows the in and outs of his opponent. George won 7 straight before he got his first title shot at UFC 50. He lost by submission in round 1 to Matt Hughes. At UFC 79, he fought Matt Hughes for the third time and beat him again (other win at UFC 65). Since that last win against Hughes, he has not looked back and has won 9 straight title defenses. He has a title fight record of 12-2, and a total of 19 wins in the octagon. 2. B.j. Penn download (2)B.J. Penn is a very well-rounded athlete. He could beat his opponent in any way, even wearing them down. He was the second UFC fighter to win titles in two different weight classes (lightweight and welterweight). B.J.’s first fight came at UFC 31 and his first title shot came at UFC 35, where he lost to Jens Pulver. He got his first shot at the welterweight title against Matt Hughes and beat him at UFC 46 by a submission in round 1. Penn has won 12 fights, has had 3 title defenses (in lightweight), and is 5-5-1 in title fights. 1. Randy Couture. Randy-Couture_1573353aRandy is one of the best wrestlers the UFC has ever seen. He would beat his opponents mentality by being one step a head of them. He also has one of best clinches MMA has ever seen. Randy’s first fight in the UFC came in at UFC 13 when they still had the tournament style. He won his first fight against Tony Halme then won his first heavyweight title. Couture was a small heavyweight and a big light heavyweight. After 2 losses against heavyweights he went to light heavyweight and won the light heavyweight title at UFC 43. He became the first ever to have won UFC titles in two different weight classes. Randy Couture has 16 wins in the UFC with 2 title defenses and a 9-6 record on title fights. Now let me explain my criteria. It is hard enough to get in to the UFC much less winning a few fights. Only a handful of fighters have won over 12 fights. To narrow it down even more, I saw it fit where the fighters must have not only won a title, but needed to defended the title for two times. Lastly, one weight class is enough. Winning two titles in different weight classes is absurd. Most fighters walk around ten to thirty pounds heavier than what they weigh in as. The fighters have to train and eat accordingly to their weight. Once the body gets use to this, it makes it harder to do it for a different weight class. Everyone’s opinion may differ but I felt this was the most fair way to break down the best fighters in the world for a great sport. Honorable mentions: Jon Jones Tito Ortiz Chuck Lidell  

        By: Shaun Stephens My sources include:, and
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